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Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering


This department conducts education and research focusing on metals and metallurgy and is the only materials engineering degree program offered in the Hokuriku region. As for aluminum engineering, it is actually the only one of its kind in Japan. Students acquire scientific and engineering skills to develop new functional materials using nanotechnology, proper manufacturing processes considering the natural environment, and metallurgical processing technology for social safety and security. Students also learn how to discover study tasks and draft solutions from a global view point, and make and accomplish a research plan on their own initiatives. Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education ( JABEE) has approved that these learning objectives and educational programs of our department meet social and industrial requirements on an international standard.

Materials Science and Engineering

Fields of Learning

  • Metallurgical forming and processing technology of metals and alloys
  • Material design of controlled compositions, nanostructures and properties
  • Development of new or highly functional metallic and ceramic materials
  • Material manufacturing process considering the natural environment
  • Development or performance upgrade of practical superconducting, thermolelectric, and magnetocaloric materials


Research Laboratories

Advanced Casting and Solidification

  • Casting, Solidification, Aluminum, Magnesium, Die-casting


Micro-and Nano-Structures Engineering

  • Light metals, Nano-microstrcture in materials, Heat treatment, Phase transformation
  • Composite materials, Electron microscopy, Crystal structure, Simulation


Functional Materials Engineering

  • Ceramic and metal materials, Thin films, Functional materials
  • Investigation of electrical and thermal properties


Materials Environment and Surface Processing

  • Corrosion science, Material surface research, Electrochemical measurement, Corrosion rate, Passivation film


Solid State Engineering

  • Superconducting, Thermoelectric, Magnetic materials
  • Investigation of magnetic and thermal properties


Materials Process Engineering

  • Powder, Mass and heat transfer, Convection, Diffusion, Visualization, Welding, Numerical simulation, Interfaces


(P)Professor / (Ao)Associate Professor / (L)Lecturer / (At)Assistant Professor / (R)Research Assistant / (VP)Visiting Professor / (VAt)Visiting Assistant Professor