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From the Dean

Dean AIZAWA Sen-ichi

Hitodzukuri that Brings Monodzukuri to Fruition

AIZAWA Sen-ichi

Engineering is the application of science and math to solve problems. Since we see the work of engineers in the design and manufacture of nearly everything that people and industries use, it is also called the study of monodzukuri. The word monodzukuri is generally used in Japan to describe manufacturing processes. Rather than simply meaning “process of making things” however, monodzukuri has a deeper meaning, incorporating intangible qualities such as creativeness, craftsmanship, and dedication to continuous improvement. We believe that monodzukuri cannot be achieved without hitodzukuri, the process of educating and forming people. Our faculty is dedicated to offering students a vibrant learning environment and hitodzukuri programs that provide them with the in-depth knowledge, qualities and skills needed to become expert in monodzukuri. Artificial Intelligence and robots might make things, but only humans can work with the sense of monodzukuri mind. We want you to feel and understand exactly what monodzukuri is through our programs and become great engineers and researchers.

Depopulation has been one of the dire problem facing our society in Japan. The number of people ages 18 is projected to decline to around 1 million by 2030; in other words, the proportion of people of working age continues to decrease. When you look ahead to future challenges and opportunities, it is very important for you to acquire not only the knowledge and skills of engineering, but also experience of solving problems by applying these knowledge and skills. Through the experience, you gain confidence to become a future leader and solve pressing problems facing society. We believe that the essence of engineering is problem solving, and we encourage and equip each of our students to become future leaders who will turn great ideas into new products and substantive changes to make the world better place.

We are here to prepare you for tomorrow!