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Study Support

The University of Toyama offers a broad range of academic and social support services to promote success among international students.

Support for International Students

  1. The university’s Study-abroad Support Room is in charge of all the administrative work for international students. Moreover, there is a person in charge at the Academic and Student Affairs Section in 5 faculties on the Gofuku Campus, the Academic and Student Affairs Section on the Sugitani Campus, and the Student Affairs Section on the Takaoka Campus.
  2. The Center for International Education and Research has a Student Counseling Room to give advice and support to students on problems concerning study and daily life in Japan.
  3. Medical professionals are also available in the Department of Health Services on the 3 campuses to address health concerns and provide first aid treatment
  4. Japanese student tutors are available to help international students with academic and other problems, the support period is two years after entrance for undergraduate degree program students and one year after entrance for graduate students.

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors provide assistance and advice on problems related to students studies, academic advancement, and other personal issues. Students should make efforts to communicate regularly with their advisors.


International students are assigned a tutor to provide assistance in daily life and to make research or study in specialized fields more productive. The tutor is chosen from students in a related field of study as recommended by the academic advisor.
In principle, the tutoring period is two years for undergraduate students and one year for graduate students.

Courses in Japanese as a Foreign Language

University of Toyama offers regular courses in both Japanese as a Foreign Language and Japan studies to help undergraduate students improve their understanding of the Japanese language. (These classes are held on the Gofuku Campus)
Also, the University offers courses in Japanese as a Foreign Language as an extracurricular subject to help research students and others with their academic work and their daily lives. (these classes are available at the Center for International Education and Research)

Undergraduate Students
The University offers a Japanese as a Foreign Language Course, and a General Japan Studies Course.
Graduate Students, Research Students and Others
The Extra-curricular Japanese Language Program is available to graduate students and research students.

Japanese Language Program / Center for International Education and Research