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From International Students

I came to Japan as a Malaysia International Scholarship student 5 years ago. I first entered engineering technical college and learned Japanese and the basic of engineering. I decided to transfer to the 3rd year of the University since I wanted to deepen my understanding of my major. I currently belong to a laboratory and pursue my research. My supervisor and other researchers are very well experienced and highly supportive. They always help, support, and encourage me in my research and also my life in Japan. Studying at the University of Toyama has given me numerous opportunities to grow in both the intellectual and spiritual sense.

I learned Japanese in China, and found about the University of Toyama which is actively conducting research of metals. I currently study on metal joint. Metal has various characteristics just like human being. It is indispensable technology to join metals utilizing these characteristics and without using any adhesives for construction and machinery fields. I have failed lots of times, but I will keep trying and would like to create a new technology.