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Mechanical and Intellectual Systems Engineering Mechanical and Intellectual Systems Engineering


We offer distinctive education programs aiming to cultivate human resources who have the abilities to contribute to the development of monodzukuri and comprehensive knowledge of machinery in general. The advanced research aiming at the fusion of machine, control technology, and information process is promoted in the following fields; (1) Studies of machine and structure about design production, studies of the material and processing technique, (2) Studies on the clarification of heat and fluid phenomena and its utilization which lead to the solution of energy and environmental problem, (3) Studies on the measurement and the simulation using a robot, supersonic wave, and light. The education and the study of our department corresponding to social needs are authorized to be in the international standard by Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE).

Fields of Learning

  • Basics for all-around mechanical engineer
  • Skills for product development “monodzukuri”
  • Analytical technique of the mechanical engineering phenomenon which integrate an experiment and a numerical analysis


Research Laboratories

Systems Design and Production Engineering 

Solid Mechanics

  • Fatigue and tribology
  • Analysis of fracture mechanics
  • Scanning hall probe microscopy


Strength and Fracture of Engineering Materials

  • Fatigue design
  • High strength steel
  • Superconducting wire


Advanced Materials and Forming

  • New material creation and Structural control
  • Plastic deformation analysis
  • Optimum design of machinning tools


Energy Conversion and Environmental Engineering

Thermal Engineering

  • Internal combustion engine
  • Heat transfer
  • Effective utilization of energy


Fluid Mechanics

  • Highly efficent energy conversion
  • Aerodynamic noise reduction
  • Natural energy


Machine Control and Information Engineering

Intelligent Mechanics

  • Dynamic analysis
  • Dynamic analysis of flexible structure
  • Motion control of a multi-joint robot


Control Systems Engineering

  • Robotics
  • Human-machine system
  • Computer vision


Mechanical Information and Instrumentation

  • Position measurement by image processing
  • Measurement robot
  • Microsensor


Applied Mechno-Informatics

  • Navier-stokes computational fluid dynamics
  • Lattice boltzmann method
  • Molecular dynamics method


(P)Professor / (Ao)Associate Professor / (L)Lecturer / (At)Assistant Professor / (R)Research Assistant / (VP)Visiting Professor / (VAt)Visiting Assistant Professor