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Electric and Electronic Engineering Electric and Electronic Engineering


Our department is composed of three divisions; (1) Electric Systems Engineering, (2)Communication and Control Engineering, and (3) Electronic Materials and Device Engineering. These divisions offer systematic education and creative research on electrical and electronic engineering, for example, in the area of generation and control of the electric energy, communication and control engineering, development of new electronic materials and devices, communication and broadcasting, assistive robotics for aging society, nano and bioelectronics and computer simulation. Our mission is to educate talented researchers and engineers who have fundamental knowledge and skills related to electrical and electronic engineering and can provide leadership and service to advanced information society in the future.

Fields of Learning

  • Generation and conversion of electric energy
  • Instant and accurate communication technologies
  • Precise measurement and controlled technologies
  • Analysis of the semiconductor properties and development of new functional devices


Research Laboratories

Electric Systems Engineering

Electric Power System Engineering

  • High voltage pulsed power technology
  • High power pulsed particle beam and Dense plasma
  • Observation of lightning and Related phenomena


Intelligent Power System Engineering

  • Renewable energy
  • Stable operation of power system
  • Power flow calculation


Energy Conversion Engineering

  • Applied electromagnetic machinery, Magnetic levitation
  • Power electronics, Renewable energy utilization
  • Wireless power transfer, Induction heating


Intelligent Robotics Engineering

  • Intelligent information robotics
  • Biomedical robotics
  • Motion control of mobile robot


Communication and Control Engineering

Wave Communication Engineering

  • Ultra-realistic sound communication
  • Plasmonic electromagnetic wave engineering


Communication System Engineering

  • Mobile communication system
  • Body area network
  • Millimeter-wave and terahertz engineering


System Control Engineering

  • Gerontechnology
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Neurophysiology


Sensor Systems Engineering

  • Biosensors
  • Bioimaging
  • Biochips


Electronic Material and Device Engineering

Nanoelectronics Engineering

  • Ultrahigh frequency devices and Integrated circuits
  • MEMS
  • Growth of semiconductor nanostructures


Electron Device Engineering

  • Organic electronic devices
  • Display devices
  • Flexible devices


Basic Materials Engineering

  • H2 and NO2 gas sensor
  • Thin film electronic materials
  • Ferroelectric crystals


(P)Professor / (Ao)Associate Professor / (L)Lecturer / (At)Assistant Professor / (R)Research Assistant / (VP)Visiting Professor / (VAt)Visiting Assistant Professor